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Key Element is looking for content creators to collaborate with on their new revolutionary anti-aging skincare products. Both Blog and Instagram Content Creators are wanted. More details on our Signup Page

About the Brand: Key Element is a Los Angeles-based biotech company founded in 2003. Our brand stands for uncompromising quality, simplicity and beauty. Understanding the challenges that women face as we age,

we’ve spent decades developing unique solutions. Now, for the first time ever, you can effectively fight the signs

of aging inside and out with revolutionary products based on Molecular Rejuvenation Technology(MRT).

Content: We are looking to build a partnership with you, there is potential for a longer term opportunity with us.

Tell us what you think of our anti-aging skincare products and supplements. How do they work into your current beauty regimen? How do they make your skin feel? Content creators we are looking for more than a product

review. Get creative, tell a story.

About the Products: Our patent-pending serums deliver powerful, but gentle action through a combination of the best ingredients in skincare supercharged by our trademark ingredient Agixen. The serums come in two options

and provide advanced 24-hour rejuvenating action that unlocks the natural beauty of your skin. Great for all skin

types, but specifically formulated for ultra-sensitive skin affected by hormonal aging and breakouts.

Selection Process: Not everyone who applies will be chosen; we are only selecting 10 influencers who apply to participate.

If you're interested in this collaboration, please APPLY NOW.

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